Adam Loomis is an animation and video artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also an organizer and participant of HELLAVISION TELEVISION ANIMATION SHOW, a volunteer at the Trylon Cinema, and a former short films programmer for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. See more of his work here:

Benjamin Savard is a writer and video editor who has been volunteering at the Trylon since 2017. He studied film and media culture at Middlebury College and the University of Edinburgh, but still doesn’t know what “media culture” means. He has kept a detailed spreadsheet of all the media he consumes since 2013. He has watched 873 movies in that time. His favorite people in the film world are Agnès Varda, Mike Leigh, Barbara Stanwyck, Charlie Chaplin, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Ask him about his cat. 

Caitlyn Dibble has been a Trylon volunteer since 2015. She’s a chronic movie-cryer, part-time barista and current student in environmental science. She loves pre-9/11 blockbusters, existentialist movies about spies, Anthony Perkins’ nervous energy, all kinds of westerns and that time Ingrid Bergman went tuna fishing in Stromboli. She hates most films that can be described as “sensual” or that contain too many mouth noises.

Celia Mattison is an amateur cruciverbalist and Trylon volunteer living in St. Paul. You can read her writing and see more of her puzzles at

Collier White (Trylon volunteer emeritus) now resides in Long Beach, CA, where he’s surrounded by movie settings, (like the filthy L.A. River), and movie people, (Evan Peters drives a Prius), but where there isn’t a theater as cool as the Trylon. A graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Danish film Folkehøjskole, he would tell you, “There’s no place like home,” but he only quotes Judy Garland when he’s been drinking. 

Finn Odum is a junior at Macalester College, majoring in geography and minoring in media and cultural studies. Though her primary field of study is urban health, she’s particularly passionate about the intersection between horror films and politics. One day she hopes to actually publish a book about this theory, but for now, she works as a freelance writer online.

Greg Hunter is an arts writer and a graphic novel editor based in Minneapolis. He is kind to animals, serious about breakfast, and a fan of any movie starring Toshiro Mifune or Harry Dean Stanton.

Maria Gomez has been a volunteer with Trylon since 2010, has 3 cats, and resides in Saint Paul. She enjoys movies of all genres and ages that vary from classic comedies to dark fantasy. A few of her favorite film makers and personalities are Charlie Chaplin, James Wan, Guillermo Del Toro, Doug Jones, and Mel Brooks. Quotes are also a personal fave: “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” – Charlie Chaplin

Matt Levine is a freelance novelist, film critic, and screenwriter based in Minneapolis. He’s been a Trylon volunteer since 2011 and an insatiable movie fan since about 1992. His ideal day consists of bike riding, throwing a tennis ball around in a lake, buying some records, and finishing up at an area movie theater for anything from Kenji Mizoguchi to Kelly Reichardt. 

Matthew Tchepikova-Treon is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota where he teaches courses on pop culture, cinema, literature, and media. He is currently writing his dissertation: “X-Rated Sound: One-hundred Years of 1972.” Additional writing of his appears in Jump CutFlow, and the (forthcoming) collected volume The Soundtrack Album: Listening to Media (edited by Paul Reinsch & Laurel Westrup, Routledge University Press). He also co-founded and continues to operate the Moving Image, Media, & Sound research collaborative with UMN’s Institute for Advanced Study. Approximately 87% of his one-hundred favorite films at any given time could be classified as some version of horror cinema.

Michael Lockhart is a senior at Macalester College in Saint Paul, majoring in media cultural studies and philosophy. He has a background in film analysis through his coursework at Macalester and as a volunteer on the selection committee for the 2018 Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival.  

Michael Popham is a communications manager with Minnesota Public Radio in Saint Paul. He has been a Trylon volunteer since 2010. He has written numerous pieces for Perisphere, the blog of the Trylon Cinema, and served as editor from 2015 – 2016. He scripted the award winning radio series Primitive James and currently writes about film for The Horror Incorporated Project (

Michelle Baroody has been a volunteer at the Trylon since 2013. She holds a PhD in comparative lit from UMN, where she taught film and literature classes, and she is the former programmer of Mizna’s Twin Cities Arab Film Festival. She loves watching and analyzing films, and she hopes to one day build an archive of film prints and ephemera under the Trylon’s projection booth. Her favorite Trylon viewing experiences include The Sparrow, Point Break, Kings of the Road, Sweetie, Badlands, and 3 Women.

Olga Tchepikova-Treon is a PhD student and graduate instructor in film, cultural and media studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, volunteering at the Trylon since 2017. She gets most excited about Trylon’s weird, b-movie, and cult film programming and is a keen observer of the now almost obsolete craft of analogue theatrical film projection.

Sabrina Crews is a longtime Trylon acolyte and recent volunteer. Her most memorable experiences at the cinema include The Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra live scoring Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman, discovering Elliott Gould, every second Setsuko Hera was on screen during the Yasujirō Ozu series, a rare U.S. screening of The Mother and the Whore and that one time she accidentally burned the popcorn during her concessions shift for Valley Girl (and hasn’t since, Barry). Sabrina is certain the 1970s was the best decade for filmmaking but is making more of an effort to keep up with new releases. 

Shivaun Watchorn has been a patron of the Trylon since it opened and a volunteer since 2017. She’s still learning about film. She enjoys editing writing about arts and culture and has written for a number of fanzines. She played on the Trylon softball team for two summers. 

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