In light of the disappearance of Malaysian Arlines flight MH370 (and a dozen other airline tragedies where we watch the headlines unfold the narrative), we’ve all tried to imagine what happened and what it was like. Charlie Victor Romeo sheds a horrifying light on the scenarios in the cockpit when things go terribly wrong. Charlie Victor Romeo was initially a stage play that, in 1999, proceeded to run for eight sold-out months in a small theater on the Lower East side of New York City. The play took the black box recording of six real airplane tragedies and acted them out, using the dialogue verbatim. Fifteen years later, the same people responsible for the stage play have brought the experience to the big screen. And what an experience it is. Because the dialogue is taken directly from the cockpit voice recorder, this is a script that could not be written from the imagination, full of the technical jargon, fear, and rational of professionals functioning on overdoses of adrenaline. A mash-up of drama and documentary, Charlie Victor Romeo is one of the most gripping movies of the year.

Charlie Victor Romeo screens Monday, June 2 and Tuesday, June 3 at 7:00 and 9:00pm. Advanced tickets are available at with no service charge.


Young and Innocent (1937), one of the more rarely seen films by Alfred Hitchcock, hits the screens at the Trylon this weekend. When a writer named Robert discovers a body on the beach and runs to get help, two women who see him fleeing naturally peg him for the murder with the police believing the false accusations. Young and Innocent is a classic case of guilty until proven innocent by individual tenacity, but it is also a story about the fine line between danger and passion. Robert escapes from the grasp of the police dragging the daughter of an inspector with him. The couple’s mutual suspicion seems to be masking a fiery attraction as their relationship slowly evolves. Young and Innocent is not to be missed with this rare chance to see it on 35mm and to see the groundwork for a master filmmaker. Check out the amazing crane shot in the clip below.

Young and Innocent plays Friday and Saturday at 7:00 and 8:45, Sunday at 5:00, 6:45 and 8:30. Advance tickets available (with no service fee!) at


First time director Lotfy Nathan takes to the streets of Baltimore in this documentary on the city’s infamous dirt bike gang, the 12 O’Clock Boys — a name referring to the position of their wheels as they pop wheelies. Made of of African American youth who see very few options for themselves, the gangs and their motorcycles offer a release from from the stress and oppression from their everyday lives. Through the eyes for young Pug, who dedicates himself to joining the ranks of the 12 O’Clock Boys, this documentary explores the bike gang as a pariah and a salvation.

12 O’Clock Boys plays Monday, March 10 and again on Tuesday, March 11 at 7:00 and 8:45 both nights. Ticket available in advance at


Join us this Wednesday evening at 7pm for a very special Defenders with Star Tribune columnist, Variety contributor and National Society of Film Critics member Rob Nelson. For the first time in the Defenders 2 ½ year history the movie shown will not only be a super secret, but also a super secret Twin Cities sneak preview of a film that has only played a couple times at film festivals in the US and the world! If you want more of a hint that that, look elsewhere–yours truly was unable to pry even a peep from Rob or host Jim Brunzell! Come early, stay late, and enjoy a lively post-screening discussion.

Tickets, as always, available in advance at All proceeds for the screening will go to Bethel University’s Seminary Library.


Sound Unseen returns to the Trylon with a hard hitting documentary about the music of narcocorridos: the extremely popular odes to the exploits of narco traffickers and drug lords of Mexico that openly glorify violence, narcotics and money. Like gangsta rap in the nineties, “Narco” is a movement threatening to burst into the mainstream. Featuring powerful and shocking footage from the front lines of the drug wars and performances from some of the hottest Narcocorrido artists (including El Komander and Buknas de Culiacan) Narco Cultura takes viewers behind the scenes of the most explosive and violent music subculture in America.



Narco Cultura plays tonight, January 8 at 7:00pm. Advanced tickets available at