While we love showing movies at the Trylon, we also enjoy checking out the cinematic goings-on around this movie-happy town. As you probably know, we often partner with the Heights and Riverview to show movies, but our pals at the Landmark theaters in town also have some great titles coming to the Uptown, Lagoon, and Edina moviehouses. So, when you’re not taking in our lineup of awesome Japanese monster movies, check out some of these as well, wouldya?

June 21
Much Ado About Nothing @ The Uptown
Augustine, The Bling Ring, and Dirty Wars @ The Lagoon

June 20
Found Footage Festival @ The Heights

June 21 & 22 (11:30pm)
The Breakfast Club  @ The Riverview      

June 21 & 22 (Midnight)
Rocky IV @ The Uptown

June 24 (7:30)
It’s A Gift and International House Double Feature @ The Heights

June 28
Byzantium @ The Uptown
Hannah Arendt, The Secret Disco Revolution @ The Lagoon

June 29 & 30 (11:00am)
The Audience @ The Edina Cinema

July 1 (7:30)
My Man Godfrey @ The Heights